​Feliz Navidad!

Christmas really is a special time of year.

The Christmas period reminds us that we are still a Christian country, and regardless of whether we are believers or not, this time of year we are reminded of our roots. Christmas unites people in this country of all faiths and none, as we spend time with​​ friends and loved ones. The country slows down, and we reflect on what’s important to us. For many, it is a time for family.

The Christmas story is centred around the Holy Family. The blessed virgin Mary, who in her fiat showed us how to trust in God; her husband St Joseph, the patron saint of fathers and expectant mothers; and of course the Christ child himself, who would eventually die for our sins.

The nativity story is one of mystery, drama, scandal and hope. It’s the greatest story ever told. God became man incarnate. Truly God and truly man. But it’s not an original story, it’s actually a re-telling, of Genesis, the beginning of time. As St John tells us in his Gospel, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”. In the nativity, the Word became flesh. Jesus Christ is the living word of God.

Christmas is also a time for gifts. God gave the world the gift of his only begotten son. He gave us his word, so that we may have eternal life. There is no greater gift. So let us be thankful, and rejoice in his message of hope.

In the spirit of presents, may the favours of God's uncommon presents be yours this Christmas.

Enjoy the festivities. Merry Christmas! 

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